Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's official...

So I have been thinking about going back to school for a couple of months, if not over a year. I love what I am doing with my career and am so happy with it all! I am going to continue working full time and still traveling as well. I just have the strong urge to finally do it and go back to school. So today Jen and I went to the MCC campus and enrolled me as a student. I still have to take a placement test and talk to an advisor to see what classes I am able to take, which will all take place next Wednesday! It is going to be a slow process, as I will only be taking 1-2 classes a semester at first to get the hang of it all. But I am determined to get it done. I am going to be attending Mesa Community College and get my Associates in General Studies, so if I do want to go to a University I will be able to transfer all my credits. I am very nervous, as i have not been in school for 6 years. (not counting Cosmetology school). I hope that I will have the support from my family that I know I will need. This is just another chapter in my life. I am so excited to see what happens!!

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